Register your institution

Why register?

The institut français en Inde (cultural service of the Embassy of France in Delhi) seeks to identify the schools and institutions in India that offer French language courses.

By adding your institution to our lists, you will benefit from several advantages, like staying informed about French news, being able to apply for teachers scholarships programs, or participating in competitions organized by the Institut français.

Giving us a hand

This information is also of great value to us. With a better understanding of the institutions, we will provide solutions best suited to their needs regarding the teaching of French language.

For example, with a better knowledge of the teachers of French, we may offer them better training courses.

3 forms to fill

The procedure is simple and fast. You just click on the link according to the type of institution and fill out the form. Once completed, the form is sent to the team from the institut français en Inde who will process it.

Kindly note that there is only one form: the questions are written in both French and English. Similarly, you can write your answers in both French and English.


FeuilleYou may also get the form in your email inbox (.pdf format) if you want to show it to your colleagues or your administrative team by example. For questions, kindly contact us directly: