Instructions for partnerships

La salle des profs helps you finding a partner for exchange programs, corresponding with other classes programs, exchanges of expertise, school trips, etc. Before anything else, here are some steps to follow for developing a successful partnership.

1) Register an institution

The institut français en Inde lists all the schools and institutions that offer French language teaching. To start a partnership, the schools and institutions in India must be registered. It only takes a few minutes to register and provides many benefits:

Register an institution

2) Contacts with an institution

Do contact yourself the institution of your choice by using the contact address provided in the ad. Be sure to set a clear agenda for your partnership which deals with schedules, teaching methods and budget. On the other hand, if you have already posted an ad, you only have to wait to be contacted by a partner institution.

Post an ad See the partnership offers

3) Contact la salle des profs

When you and your partner institution have a ready educational project, do share it with us by sending a message to:

La salle des profs will be there to share comments and help you improve the project. Please remember that the educational project should include a linguistic dimension (English learning for the French students, French learning for the Indian students).

Informing la salle des profs of your project is also the only way to apply for potential free visas in case of a school trip from India to France. For school trips from France to India, kindly inform la salle des profs ( who will then contact the Indian embassy in France and ask if any favorable attention can be considered.

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